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Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence occurs when the muscles in the bladder that control the flow of urine contract or relax involuntarily, resulting in either leaking or uncontrolled urination.


We provide a breakthrough laser treatment with Cutera Juliet™ to revitalize a woman’s intimate health, effectively addressing the symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, and vaginal relaxation syndrome. Beyond turning back the clock, a Juliet™ treatment can also address the vaginal changes that occur as a result of childbirth, providing functional benefits you can feel. Juliet’s™ Er: YAG wavelength can gently stimulate the production of collagen and rejuvenate vaginal tissue. Issues like vaginal dryness, discomfort during intercourse, and urinary incontinence are addressed in one non-surgical and pain-free procedure.


Urinary incontinence can be a nuisance and it can be embarrassing. No matter how serious the problem seems, urinary incontinence can be significantly helped, and in most cases, cured. You don’t have to “just live” with your symptoms.


While incontinence is more common as patients age, it should not be considered a normal condition of aging. It can be seen in children, adults, and elderly, and can be treated at all ages.

Urinary incontinence is most commonly caused by overactive bladder muscles, weakened pelvic floor muscles, an enlarged prostate (for men), nerve damage, and chronic bladder conditions.