Poikiloderma is a skin condition characterized by reddish-brown patches, and often a mottled appearance. It can be challenging to manage results from a variety of factors, including sun exposure, aging, or certain medical conditions, making it a complex issue to address. Its persistent nature and potential impact on skin appearance can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and frustration.

However, with a proper treatment plan from the experts at TKI, individuals can find effective ways to improve their skin’s overall appearance, helping to restore confidence.

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How can TKI help me treat poikiloderma?

The most advanced aesthetics technology is available at TKI:

Excel® V+

The excel V+™ laser offers a range of customizable wavelength modes, enabling our team to target specific areas effectively. Depending on the skin concern, the laser can deliver either short or long pulses. In the treatment of poikiloderma, short pulses are typically used to address skin discoloration and restore an even skin tone. Additionally, the excel V+™ laser is a safe and effective option for the treatment of hyperpigmentation or fine lines.

What causes poikiloderma?

Poikiloderma is primarily caused by a combination of factors, with chronic sun exposure being a significant contributor. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage the skin, leading to the development of reddish-brown patches over time. Additionally, this condition can be associated with other factors like aging, genetics, hormonal changes, and specific medical conditions. These factors often interact to create the characteristic skin discoloration, redness, and texture changes seen in poikiloderma.

Can it be related to underlying health conditions?

Poikiloderma itself is not typically related to underlying health conditions, but it can be associated with certain medical conditions or skin disorders. For example, it may occur alongside conditions like dermatomyositis or as a result of chronic sun damage. However, in most cases, this condition is primarily a skin-related issue characterized by changes in pigmentation and texture.

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