Despite dedicated efforts through diet and exercise, some areas of stubborn fat simply refuse to budge. These persistent pockets of fat can affect one’s confidence and self-image, leading to feelings of discouragement. Many people seek effective ways to target and eliminate stubborn fat to achieve their desired body shape. While lifestyle changes are essential, innovative treatments like non-invasive fat reduction procedures have become popular choices for those looking to finally conquer stubborn fat and regain their confidence.

Here at TKI, we offer advanced, non-invasive treatments, which reduce fat without the need for surgery.

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How can TKI help me reduce stubborn fat?

At TKI, we are proud to offer:


During truSculpt® treatments, your TKI provider will utilize up to 6 paddles attached to the targeted treatment area. The treatment typically lasts for around 15 minutes. Throughout the session, the paddles cycle on and off to maintain the optimal temperature within the fat tissue.

Remarkably, most of our patients experience a substantial 24% reduction in fat after just one session. Following the treatment, your body will naturally eliminate the deactivated fat cells through the lymphatic system. This ongoing fat removal process continues for the next 12 weeks. Peak results will be seen after this 12-week period, allowing your body sufficient time to eliminate the fat cells in the treated area. An additional advantage of truSculpt® is its skin-tightening effect, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about saggy skin after the procedure, unlike surgical alternatives.

Why does stubborn fat form?

Stubborn fat forms due to various factors, including genetics and hormonal influences. Some people have a genetic predisposition to store fat in specific areas, making it more resistant to diet and exercise. Hormones play a role, too, as changes in hormonal balance, such as during puberty or pregnancy, can lead to fat accumulation in particular regions. Additionally, age-related metabolic changes can contribute to the development of stubborn fat. These factors can make certain areas of the body more prone to storing fat, making it challenging to eliminate through traditional weight loss methods.

Can the fat come back after truSculpt® treatments?

The results of truSculpt® treatments can endure over the long term when coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle. A significant proportion of fat cells in the treated area can be permanently removed from the body and typically won’t regenerate. Even if you experience some weight gain, the treated area is less likely to accumulate fat in most cases. It’s important to note that untreated areas of the body may still be susceptible to fat growth if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained post-treatment, but the treated area remains relatively resistant to fat accumulation.

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