Tattoo regret often stems from a change in personal circumstances, evolving tastes, or a desire to distance oneself from a past experience or affiliation represented by the tattoo. What once seemed like a meaningful or stylish choice can become a source of discomfort or embarrassment over time.

Fortunately, advances in tattoo removal technology offer a way to address this regret by safely and effectively eliminating unwanted tattoos, providing individuals with a fresh start and the freedom to redefine their appearance.

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How can TKI help me remove unwanted tattoos?

At TKI, we offer the latest, most advanced removal option for unwanted tattoos:


The enlighten® laser tattoo removal treatment stands out from other tattoo removal methods due to its unique capability to deliver both picosecond and nanosecond pulses. This versatility results in quicker and more efficient tattoo removal, regardless of the tattoo’s color. Typically, individuals can anticipate a tattoo removal journey with treatment sessions spaced 8 weeks apart. The number of treatment sessions will vary.

Will the tattoo be completely gone?

Removing a tattoo is a more intricate process compared to getting one. Achieving complete tattoo removal isn’t always guaranteed due to various factors, including ink colors, ink types, the tattoo’s age, and the depth of ink deposits. While our goal is to reach 100% removal, there may be instances where complete erasure isn’t possible. However, you can anticipate significant fading, even in cases where full removal may not be achievable.

Can older tattoos be removed?

Older tattoos are actually easier to remove than newer ones. Older tattoos are typically shallower, and they often feature fewer ink colors. Additionally, tattoos naturally fade over time as the body gradually breaks down pigment particles. This natural fading provides an advantage when removing older tattoos using our advanced enlighten® platform.

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