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truSculpt® flex

truSculpt® flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting device, used for strengthening, firming, and toning of muscle by inducing muscle contractions using electric current. truSculpt® flex is unique in that the device and procedure can be customized based on patient fitness level, shape, and goal.


As treatments vary from patient to patient, an initial evaluation is performed to assess the patient’s concerns and goals. A customized treatment plan is created based on effectively re-contouring the areas of concern.

During the procedure, truSculpt® flex applicators deliver energy to trigger muscle contractions. The sensations are much like those during a demanding workout. As the process continues, so does the intensity, gradually increasing - within the patient’s comfort level of course.


truSculpt® flex builds muscle as effectively as a two hour gym workout - without the workout! Results include improved buttock contour, increased muscle definition in targeted areas such as buttocks, abdomen, and thighs, increased muscle tone and strength, and improved athletic performance.


truSculpt® flex utilizes MDS (Multi-Directional Stimulation) technology to condition muscles using three treatment modes combined into one session. These treatment modes are prep, tone, and sculpt modes.

There is no special preparation needed.

truGel is applied to the areas being treated. The handpiece delivers electrical currents that stimulate muscle contractions. As treatment progresses, the intensity of the contractions will increase.

One 45-minute session can treat up to 8 areas on the body.

The number of truSculpt® flex sessions depends on the patient’s fitness and activity levels. Typically, patients get best results with four to six treatments.

There is no pain associated with a truSculpt® flex treatment, just a somewhat strange sensation as involuntary muscle contractions occur, imitating intense moments from a rigorous workout.

As with a rigorous workout, you may feel tired after your procedure, but there is no downtime. There are no reported side effects other than the feeling that you’ve completed an intense workout session.

truSculpt® ID reduces fat anywhere on the body, while truSculpt® flex focuses on muscle conditioning rather than burning fat. To choose the best option for you, you will need to determine the root of your problem: are you looking to get rid of fat or sculpt your muscles?