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Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine takes measures toward disease prevention and health promotion, as opposed to just treatment of symptoms or disease. Health, disease, and disability are part of a health continuum that begins before symptoms occur, and before you realize you may be affected.


There are multiple measures that can be taken in preventative medicine. More common measures, that you may be taking already, including:
• Immunizations and vaccinations
• Allergy testing
• Exercise regimen or meal plan to prevent obesity
• Cancer screenings
• Sunscreen to protect from skin sun damage


Preventative medicine helps keep you healthy and able to receive prompt treatment for a condition when necessary. Many screenings and tests can catch a disease before it starts, and taking treatment in its early stages and result in a better outcome or quicker recovery. Preventative care can also reduce medical expenses by lowering the long-term cost of managing conditions.


Preventative medicine encompasses a wide range of conditions, and specific preventative measures may protect against specific diseases. The top preventable diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and infections in which there is a vaccination offered.