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Hormone Replacement

Hormones control important functions like growth, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and even mood. As we age, our hormone production shifts, which can cause a shortage or stop production of certain hormones for both men and women, resulting in symptoms such as decreased sex drive, mood changes, trouble sleeping, and more. Hormone replacement therapy relieves these symptoms by replacing the depleted hormones that your body has stopped making or is not making enough of.


For women, these hormones are usually estrogen or progesterone. For men, it’s testosterone. There are a variety of ways to take these hormones, such as pills, dermal patches or gels, creams, or suppositories.


As hormone replacement therapy replaces the missing hormones, men and women will experience benefits like increased energy, enhanced sex drive and sexual experience, better quality sleep, and accelerating fat burning for increased weight loss.


Results vary with each person, and depend on which therapy you require. Patients generally see benefits in a few weeks and full results in 3-6 months.

The answer depends on how well your body responds to the hormone replacement therapy. Most patients will wean themselves off of hormones as they become balanced and they are experiencing fewer symptoms.