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excel HR
excel HR

Whether you’re looking for a permanent manscaping solution, or are tired of having to shave in the shower regularly, laser hair removal will help. However, not all solutions provide a premium experience and results. If you’re looking for superior outcomes fast, laser hair removal treatments are what you need.


excel® HR is a laser hair reduction technology that delivers consistent and sustained energy throughout each pulse. excel® HR is a pain-free hair removal experience that produces quick results. Alternative hair reduction treatments require as many as 10 sessions to see a significant reduction in hair, but the excel® HR has been able to provide a noticeable improvement in just 2 sessions.


The excel® HR laser hair removal device results in permanent, pain-free, hair removal.


Yes, laser hair removal is highly effective at taking care of recurring ingrown hairs.

Yes, laser hair removal works on all people.

It usually takes 5 to 8 treatments to treat one area effectively.

We recommend that you return every 4 to 6 weeks to target new active growth. By adhering to scheduled treatments, laser hair removal does work permanently.

The strength of pain is related to the thickness of the skin, which varies depending on the area of the body.