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Your skin is exposed daily to environmental toxins, irritants, sun damage, and other factors, causing your skin to appear dull. Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing technique that is used to remove debris packed into the top layers of your skin, improving overall appearance.


Dermaplaning removes the top layers of your skin. The basic concept is the same as shaving; by dragging a blade across the skin, dead skin cells, scar tissue, and other debris are removed.


Dermaplaning can be done for any skin type and those with acne scars, dull or dry skin, sun-damaged skin, or fine lines and wrinkles.


Dermaplaning removes fine vellus facial hair that traps oil and bacteria and damaged skin cells, resulting in more youthful, smoother, and brighter skin accompanied by the newer skin cells.

We begin by gently cleansing and scrubbing the face to remove excess debris. A sterile dermatome is then used to remove the top layer of skin in a gentle scraping motion.

You’ll need to avoid direct sun exposure one week before your treatment, as sunburn could compromise your skin and make the treatment painful.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Patients may see brighter skin immediately after treatment, but full results will appear within a few days. Results of dermaplaning aren’t permanent. After three weeks to a month, your results will fade.

While you may feel a tingling sensation during the treatment, dermaplaning is not painful.

There no post-treatment care required for this treatment. It causes almost no redness or irritation.