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Casmara Masks

The Kaga Institute is proud to offer Casmara Algae Peel-Off Masks, offering a collection that meets the needs of every type of skin. High technology cosmetics formulated with seaweed extracts provide a powerful hydrating effect, paired with active ingredients which are different in every mask.


The Algae Peel-Off Mask puts light and pleasant pressure over the area applied, helping active ingredients applied during treatment as well as those in the mask penetrate the skin.


Each mask varies in ingredients, allowing us to match one that best fits patient skin needs.

• Gold Mask: Minerals from 24-karat gold dust revitalizes and tightens the skin and neckline. Restores the skin’s natural balance.
• Goji Mask: Extracts of goji berry and quinoa seeds supplies intensive moisturization, promoting healthy, brighter, and and balanced skin.
• R6tense Mask: Kiwi and poppy seeds have vitaminic, refreshing, and reaffirming effects on skin.
• Rgnerin Mask: Containing aloe vera extract, linseed, and low doses of lactic, glycolic, and salicylic acid, this mask has a regenerating and soothing effect, helping to erase imperfections.
• Green Tea Mask: Lavender provides a relaxing effect, giving a sensation of well-being. The antioxidants and rejuvenating effects from green tea also help to reactive the epidermis, protecting from future sun damage.
• Novanew Mask: While the seaweed extract in the mask helps to restore skin’s natural moisture, glucose enhances the moisturizing effect. A high concentration of humectants restores the skin’s water balance.
• Sensitive Mask: Contains oatmeal, violet essence, and seaweed extract, providing skin with instant moisturization. The violet has soothing properties, while the oats help to improve skin quality and firmness.
• Vitamin Vegetable Mask: Contains a high amount of natural vitamin C nutrients from orange and dill, stimulating collagen synthesis and reducing the effects of free radicals, enhancing skin elasticity.
• Green Mask: Mint oxygenates and reactivates the skin, providing firming effects to face and neck and recuperating a youthful face contour.
• Reaffirming Mask: Produces a cooling effect, providing excellent skin toning.
• Cinnamon Mask: Pioneer warming effect made with seaweed extract and cinnamon.