Covid Testing

Internal Medicine

Dr. Kaga is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. She provides patients with a broad range of comprehensive health services to address illnesses as well as health maintenance needs. She sees patients as young as sixteen years old, college-aged patients, and treats a large population of geriatric patients. We work endlessly to communicate with family members to coordinate care and ensure that her patient's best interests are at heart. Our philosophy of care is patient-centered and focused on her patients' overall well being.

She offers her patients an integrative approach to care with an understanding of medical issues in the context of your physical, emotional and social environment.

Dr. Kaga fosters long-term relationships and focuses on helping your patients achieve their personal best. She provides the full spectrum of care and serves as your ultimate health care resource, assisting you in making treatment decisions as they relate to your daily life and needs.

Women’s Health

Dr. Kaga specializes in women's health and preventative medicine. She provides comprehensive health care and preventive screening services tailored to meet any woman's needs.

At our facility, we offer state-of-the-art medical care in a comfortable and caring environment for women with health concerns such as menopause, hormone management, and sexual health.

As an internist, Dr. Kaga offers a comprehensive range of services for women in all stages of life, with a specific emphasis on weight loss management and treating anxiety and depression.