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Pearl Laser

Pearl Laser

Pearl skin resurfacing fractional laser therapy can dramatically overhaul your complexion. By creating microchannels deep in your skin, your body’s natural healing process is kick-started by this controlled laser pulses, resurfacing the skin by shedding damaged areas and producing healthy new skin while leaving tissue intact.


During a pearl resurfacing, the skin is given a thorough cleansing. After, a hand-held device generates a thermal in the upper dermis of the skin, encouraging collagen regrouping and regrowth.


Pearl laser resurfacing can restore vibrance and vitality to your skin.


Because the procedure is non-ablative, this procedure is highly targeted, repairing skin imperfections without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. The result is skin restoration without pain or downtime.

You will notice an immediate collagen boost after one laser skin tightening treatment, which will result in an evener skin tone, smoother skin, and a healthy glow. Results are cumulative and will improve with each treatment. A series of 4 to 6 treatments are usually necessary to reverse photo-aging and repair damaged skin.