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What is Oncology Massage?

An oncology massage is client- specific, customized massage session designed to meet the unique and changing needs of someone in active cancer or with history of cancer. A safe massage plan generally revoles around the side effects ( both short- and long- term) for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. If a patient is in active cancer it is recommended to speak with your oncologist prior to coming in for this service!


Provides relaxation
Offers stress reduction
Aids comfort
Improves quality of life
Minimizes side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
Relieves pain and edema
Restores vital energy
Reduces fatigue
Allows reconnection of body, mind and spirit
Increases oxygen, blood flow and circulation
Stimulates the nervous system
Restores feeling and sensation
Promotes an overall increase in sense of well-being
Improves overall confidence in the healing process
Empowers the patient
Provides a safe and sacred space to relax, let go and re-balance.

Massage therapy helps reduce pain, anxiety, fatigue, and shortness of breath in cancer patients. It can ease the mind, improve sleep, reduce depression, and provide comfort to patients. This type of massage is used as a therapy to provide relief of symptoms. However, patients should speak with their oncologist and see a qualified massage therapist who understands their condition and is trained in oncology massage.