C-Section Scar Treatment

Many C-section scars can heal quite nicely, but if signs of a C-section scar are still prevalent, The Kaga Institute provides treatments that can help.


A C-section scar is the result of a C-section where a surgeon will make two incisions. The first incision is through the skin of your lower abdomen, while the second incision is in the uterus where the doctor will reach to deliver your baby.


There are two procedures that we use to reduce a C-section scar, Pearl skin resurfacing fractional laser therapy and Juliet skin resurfacing fractional laser therapy.

Pearl skin resurfacing fractional laser therapy can dramatically overhaul your complexion by correcting a variety of skin conditions, including dyspigmentation, photoaging, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, and acne scarring.

Juliet skin resurfacing fractional laser therapy is ideal for patients with sun damage, discoloration, uneven skin tone and texture, scarring, and reduced elasticity due to aging. Skin is resurfaced to reveal healthier, and a more even complexion with 1 to 3 treatments.


Either procedure can help reduce the signs of C-Section scar.


The treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Patients typically experience a warm prickling sensation on the skin. Many people consider the feeling to be quite tolerable.

Redness and swelling are common for 3 to 5 days following the procedure. While the skin regenerates, it is essential to apply sunscreen daily. You can apply make-up and shave 24 hours after treatment.